Australia's last umbrella maker

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Earlier this year we were fortunate enough to visit Alicia at Mora-Igra umbrellas. She is the very last umbrella maker remaining in Australia. Not only does she make umbrellas, they are bespoke and made from beautiful materials from around the world (France, Germany, UK and Japan).

Her story is a great one. For over thirty years she was the nanny and then floor manager at Igra umbrellas in Sydney. A business that changed the umbrella market in Australia. Igra introduced umbrellas that weren't just black, they had detailed handles, frills and were in a range of colours. The business traded until the 1980's.

After the passing of the owner Alicia took over the stock and brand, later moving to Brisbane. She carries on the craft of umbrella making in her Brisbane showroom today.

We found one of the original umbrella sleeves with the Igra logo and couldn't resist taking a picture, it was refined, fun and just perfect.

Mora Igra logo

Alicia has been featured in many magazines, a great testament to her craft. 

On our visit we were very lucky to have found some vintage Liberty of London double-canopy umbrellas and vintage silk Fox umbrellas. There was so much to see, I would have loved to be local to Brisbane so we could learn much more.

Mora Igra Australian umbrella maker

Photographer and stylist Marnie Hawson has a lovely post on her with more beautiful photos, do check it out - An Honest Trade

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