Yay, launching our Spring Summer 2015 umbrellas

Posted by Buck and Bear on

It has been some time in the planning, discussed over many coffees and lunches but it is finally here. We have launched!!! Our lovingly designed umbrellas have arrived safely from the workshops of our craftsman to our online store.


Along this journey one of the most common questions we have received is "why umbrellas?", so this is it:

  • Umbrellas have been made by skilled artisans for centuries with each canopy fabric, clasp and handle carefully chosen. In parts of Europe and Japan these handcrafted umbrellas still exist today
  • However, the majority of umbrellas brands appear to be making umbrellas with no love - scratchy thin fabric, loud prints and cheap components
  • We resented spending any money on cheap products that we didn't like
  • We were looking for umbrellas that we wanted to take out, that match the beautiful coats and bags we had saved up for that season
  • We have seen too many sad, broken, black umbrellas abandoned throughout our city

Take your time, have a look around. We hope our umbrellas bring some fun back to your rainy days.


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