Our story

Who we are

A new brand bringing the love back to umbrellas, restoring their rightful place as beautiful accessories.

  • Our umbrellas are designed in Sydney and are hand assembled by our craftsman in Japan. 
  • Our colours and prints change with the seasons, but if looked after your umbrella will last much beyond.


    Our Journey

    We have had many hurdles to overcome. We were confronted with an industry built on high volume, low quality products, and had to find a maker that shared our vision. We were looking for quality umbrellas that felt strong from the moment they were opened and had fabric that would shine on even the dullest of days.

    At trade shows we saw hundreds of umbrellas and spoke to dozens of international manufacturers. Overall we were left uninspired, the umbrellas didn’t stand out, they didn’t feel luxurious and the quality was often poor. What we wanted couldn’t be made on a production line.      

    Ultimately our journey led us to Japan, where we saw craftsmen of 40 years experience lovingly cut, sew and assemble umbrellas with such pride, that you can feel it in the quality of the final product.  As we witnessed the detail and love that went into every umbrella, we knew we had found our makers.

    Buck and Bear umbrellas are lovingly designed in Sydney, Australia, made by craftsmen in Japan and are packaged with love and care right to your front door.

    This is just the beginning of our journey and we have many exciting things in the works and can’t wait to share them with you.

    Our umbrellas

    We have two main sizes:

    • Room for Two, a solid stick umbrella with canopy large enough for you and a friend. Made from aluminium it is sturdy and light weight. 
    • Just in Case, a folding umbrella with canopy for one and matching case to keep it in after the rain. Very light weight and easy to open.

    Interested in the full specs? Please see our full umbrella dimensions here

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